3,968 regulatory restrictions targeted

Goal: Eliminate 37,327 regulatory restrictions* - 11%

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  • 45 rules reviewed
    Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • 4 rules reviewed
    Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • 9 rules reviewed
    Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration
  • 1 rules reviewed
    Department of Mental Health
  • 99 rules reviewed
    Department of Natural Resources
  • 192 rules reviewed
    Department of Revenue
  • 11 rules reviewed
    Missouri Department of Agriculture
  • 98 rules reviewed
    Missouri Department of Transportation
  • 2 rules reviewed
    Public Service Commission

Citizens are sharing their feedback

“My husband is an owner operator and only employee in his construction company. He is required to carry workman’s comp insurance even though there is no chance he would ever use it for himself. If he were to use it then the cost would sky rocket and would hurt his business. It is completely useless and costs us $2500 a year.”

“I had my car stolen. I had recently paid for 2 years worth of license plates. The person who took my car removed the plates so I no longer had them. When I bought a new car and went to the License Bureau I was told I could get no credit for my old plates as you have to turn the in … They said no credit is given unless plates are surrendered … I lost money when I know in the computer it would show I paid for the 2 years.”

“Trying to get a permit to install a septic system on a rural piece of land. The requirements for this are ridiculous and insane. I have to pay a “soil morphologist” $500 to come and inspect the soil that sits on top of the septic system… to make sure it can grow grass. DNR does not have enough people in local offices to do this. I’m paying someone $500 to tell me if soil can grow grass.”

Note: All proposed regulatory changes identified by departments must undergo a formal rulemaking process as outlined in Missouri State Register. Missouri citizens will have the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes before the final order of rulemaking. Each sub-chapter is considered a rule. For example Title 1 Division 10 Chapter 11 Sup-Chapter 010 (1 CSR 10-11.010) State of Missouri Travel Regulations would be counted as one rule.

*The term “regulatory restriction” applies to restrictive or prohibitive words that occur in regulatory text, including “shall,” “must,” “may not,” “prohibited,” and “required.” Regulatory restrictions are an objective way to quantify regulatory impacts, and Missouri departments are using restrictions to track progress throughout the review process. For more information on regulatory restrictions, please visit regdata.org.

**Comments received by departments are updated on a rolling basis.