• Who will read my comments?

    Governor Greitens has tapped a team of reformers to listen to the people and cut red tape. Comments are also made publicly available online to foster open dialogue and a transparent process. When submitting a comment, you may choose whether to provide personal contact information, such as your email.

  • What kind of feedback is helpful?

    Anything will help! We want to hear from you. Our red tape cutters will be able to act most quickly if you include the following:

    1. Identify a specific rule and agency
    2. Provide an example of the rule’s impact to you
    3. Describe what action you think should be taken (e.g. amend, repeal, keep)
    4. Express additional concerns related to the rule


  • How will I know which regulations have been modified as part of the initiative?

    This website will regularly publish a list of rules that have been updated, amended, or repealed. To receive updates via email, please sign up for our Newsletter. To receive updates via social media, please follow our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

  • Is there a deadline to submit feedback?

    We always welcome your input on how we can improve state policy to better serve citizens. Our goal is to cut as much red tape as possible before May 31, 2018. You can still submit feedback after that date.

  • Can I submit comments anonymously to protect my privacy?

    Yes. You can choose not to provide your personal information with comments. We will never sell your contact information to third parties. For more information, please see our privacy policy.